Uncommanded Yaw Copter 3.4rc2

Here are some files showing an anomaly with yaw running Copter 3.4rc2 last week.

After switching to Stabilize and starting to descend, the Hex did an abrupt uncommanded yaw of about 20 degrees. It went from ~4 to ~341deg. I momentarily reacted then just landed it. The log of the RC inputs show nothing from channel 4 commanding that yaw. Looking further at the log, one can see the Altitude estimate (which was way wrong) is “reset” in the air by nearly 10 meters at that exact moment as well. This issue was on the same vehicle experiencing another issue I posted about here. Not sure if the two are related.

Attached is the relevant log files.

2016-09-01 13-10-03s800range1abort.bin (1.4 MB)
2016-09-01 13-10-03s800range1abort.log (3.2 MB)

Hello Anthony

There are a few reported bugs regarding yaw control in rc2 and rc3. Please upgrade to the latest rc4 because they were fixed. The altitude estimate may be related to your other issue.

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Fernando to the rescue again! very nice and thanks.

Thanks guys. I will upgrade to rc5 in the next couple days and report back if I notice any issues!