Unable to update firmware on Apple Mac

Hi, I have a new pixhawk 2.4.8 and need to update fiormware. I have QGroundControl on Apple Mac OS version 12.4 with type C USB connectors. When I plug in the Pixhawk on USB the Pixhawk gets power but the QGC does not see it to update firmware. Any ideas? Would rather not go an by a PC simply to update the fireware. Thanks


I had a try with my CUAV V5+ and my Mac (Monterey 12.4) with QGroundControl 4.2.3.

Usually I use W10 PC with Mission Planner…

QGC see the card

and firmware upgrade from arducopter 4.2 to 4.2.1 went fine.

My USB cable is connected to a Thunderbolt Hub. You can also use the USB C to USB adapter with a classic USB cable in order to check your wiring (it could be a power only cable, used for phone charging).

Can you check the USB data in Apple System Profiler. Your card should be identified…

Hi, well identified. The cable I was using was just a power cable and not a data cable. Swapped a few old cables I had an one was a data cable. Upgraded OK. Many thanks

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Thanks. Tricky bit now is trying to find a cable to connect to Raspberry Pi. It needs to be DF13 6 way on one side and FTDI on the other. Not a common off the shelf cable.