Unable to complete Motor Test


I am working on a hexacopter build through MissionPlanner using a Pixhawk 2.4.8 and a PM07 power module with Readytosky 30A 2-6s ESCs. When connecting the PM07 to power, the Pixhawk turns on and the motor shows that it receives power by pulsating and beeping; however, the motor does not run. We have tried performing the motor test for ‘all motors’ and set the throttle percentage to 15% but no such luck. Our receiver and transmitter communicate fine and we have had this issue after seemingly successful radio calibrations. Is it perhaps a hardware issue? I have never used the PM07 before as this is my first copter build. Attached are our params and a picture of our current assembly (also note the unsoldered brown wire is from a servo and not related to the motor)

hexacopter_motorless1.param (15.6 KB)

Connect your ESC signal wires (black and white) directly to the autopilot’s output rail.

The power module you’re using has no mechanism to supply the signal needed (it’s made for a different autopilot pinout). Doesn’t mean you can’t use that power module, but the FMU pins on it will be inop.

hi Yuri_rage,

I tried connecting the black and white signal wires to the main out pins on the Pixhawk and it resulted in the same response–the motor receives power and twitches but does not spin under the motor test or from transmitter input.
I will switch from the pm07 rail to the pixhawk rail henceforth though, thank you!

You may also have to press the safety switch first.

Make sure your radio is working and calibrated then run the esc calibration to set inpoints,

I have used this one and like it: V50A 6S 4IN1 32BIT ESC no calibration will be needed.


I thought this was the issue as well but i changed the params to disable arming checks (or i believe this is what i did), and i have tried pressing the safety switch, still no such luck.

Thank you! i have carried out these steps but i read somewhere that certain ESCs require additional steps in calibration? was unable to find a data sheet or anything on my ESCs that details if/what extra is required though