Unable to calibrate level in mission planner

I was used to level the HUD by pressing the “Calibrate level” button in “Accel calibration” of Mission planner.
That doesn’t work anymore: HUD stays always a bit pitched up, while setting AHRS_TRIM_Y shows immediate reaction.
Obviously Mission planner doesn’t set these AHRS_TRIM paramters correctly

I’ve been struggling w/ level issues myself.
But, I did just use the “Calibrate Level” button in mission planner, and it did show an immediate result in the HUD.

Try updating to the latest beta of mission planner, if you haven’t.

I use 3.7.0
Calibrate Level button doesn’t work correctly.
I can see in the parameter tree that it does change the AHRS_TRIM parameters, but way to small, so no change is visible in the HUD