Ultra Wideband (UWB) Local Positioning Systems

There seem to be a handful of UWB systems that may be applicable for drone usage. I’m left wondering whether they are all more-or-less equivalent, or if some of these perform better than others.

My goal is to simultaneously localize up to 100 drones, all within roughly a 50 x 50 m area and with a max altitude of 50 m.

Two systems I’m considering are Pozyx (looks to be Ardupilot-ready: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-pozyx.html) and Ciholas. Then there is the DWM1000 module itself that might be used directly (the same chip is used by both Pozyx and Ciholas).

Does anyone have experience with using these systems and can comment on the pros/cons? Am I crazy to even consider using UWB over GPS-RTK? The UWB tags seem cheaper, but they would need some number of anchors positioned around the flying area.

Hi Steve,

I guess Pozyx it’s only TWR so it’s not suitable for swarm application, Ciholas seems a high quality product but I don’t know much about it or how to use it in ArduPilot.

BTW we just presented our research and development dedicated to Ardupilot with UWB localization for swarm applications.

We are now accepting requests from the community in order to close the final version and propose it in a Kickstarter soon.
This UWB system is based already on Ardupilot and the position is calculated directly by the drone’s FC onboard. Our aim is to integrate it perfectly inside Ardupilot and develop it even more, release the code in order it could become a valid tool for all the community. In the above blog post there is a section about the UWB system and some details. We develop it because we need to use it every day with our Ardupilot luminousbees’s swarm for creative application.
We have a google form for collecting all the requests and suggestions https://forms.gle/ZjYc4HuLyF29zY8g6
If you like to ask some questions about our UWB system you could write in the ArduBee blog post.

Here is the ArduBee presentation segment that had a nice Q&A about the UWB