Ultra sonic sensor to pixhawk 2.4.8

Hello experts,

Recently I try to implement ultra sonic sensor to pixhawk. Based on this documentation.


But due to my lack of knowledge I can’t make it success.
Reason ultra sonic sensor damaged - I directly connected :
Trigger - 6AUX(bottom row)
Echo - 5AUX(bottom row)
5v - 2AUX power ( middle row)
Gnd - 2AUX Gnd ( top row)

This is my connection , in addition for power supply.
I connected ESC 5V and negative to pixhawk’s 1AUX respectively.

I heard that it can be done using adding a arduino .
But I want know is there any possibility to directly connect this?.

If there any mistake in my question please forgive.

so… the performance of the hcrs04 ultrasonic sensor its really low due the lacks of the cone reading.
There are two versions… SPI or I2C but i don’t suggest you hcrs04… better you look for a different rangefinder

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