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UDP communication to fixed port

(Per Jakobsen) #1

If I understand it correctly, the option ‘-C udp:<target_ip>:14550’ will let ardurover send MAVLink messages to the targets port 14550. The target is then supposed to send back messages to the source port, whatever that turned out to be.

We’re trying to hook up ardurover with 3. party software. That software expects to transmit MAVLink messages to ardurover at a fixed UDP port.

Can we set-up ardurover so it listens for MAVLink messages on a fixed UDP port?

(Boom_Boom) #2

I use mavproxy for that.
I use it to have Q-groundcontrol and missionplanner at the same time. And it’s all over UDP, even if mavproxy is connected to ardu with usb.

(Sebastian Schürmann) #3

You can also use mavlink-router or cmavnode, both are written in C and use far less ressources than mavproxy.

(Per Jakobsen) #4

I’ve cross-compiled and install mavlink-routerd on the board, and it seems to operate properly :smiley:
Problem solved - Thanks a lot!