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UBlox ZED-F9P L1/L2 GNSS Unit

(Kenny Trussell) #41

My rover is a mower that I use in my fields. I want to let it run for hours (6 to 8) unattended except for checking in with Mission Planner every now and then. I have the base GPS permanently installed on my farm and use LoRa modules ( to communicate between.

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(Nathan E) #42

Currently I only know that the sparkfun board ( has access to the pin, but it does not have on-board logging. I’ll be investigating if ardupilot is able to do the logging or not shortly. Unfortunately the ardusimple V1 boards do not have access to that EXT INT pin, so they will only be good to use for non-photogrammetric applications at the moment. They did note that V2 will have the feature.

Looks like orders of the sparkfun boards just caused them to go out of stock (they had 15 in stock 24 hours ago).

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UBLOX ZED-F9P and arducopter 3.6.5
(Evan Williams) #43

I looked into the RAWX logging capability of ArduPilot, and it seems to me that it only supports logging of the raw “observables” for the purpose of PPK. There’s a particular message for logging interrupt pin behavior, but it’d be really cool (but not likely) for the GPS library to support logging it.

That said, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding the topic of RAWX logging (including, I believe, claims that it is currently dysfunctional). I still have to hunt down those discussions again, but it may have been an issue with the MissionPlanner utility for extracting .obs files from the dataflash . . . I can’t recall.

Either way, I figured the easiest way to get an F9P up and running for PPK would be something that solely builds the .ubx logs from UART . . . Current examples utilize an M8T, but I’m holding out hope that the F9P supports the same TIM1 logging as described here. It’s unclear from uBlox’ datasheet if it is even possible to use the INT pin in the same way as with the M8T.

(Nathan E) #44

I have had success in attempting PPK from the .obs files from Mission Planner, but I have never gotten many fix solutions, and I have never received accurate image timestamps for interpolation. I also do not receive all of the information as I would in the .ubx logs in the Emlid system, so you are correct that there may be limitations to Mission Planner’s log extraction.

I figured it would be easier to convince a developer to add the message to the logs. I might even take a stab at it since the basics (Multi-GNSS Raw Measurement Data) have already been implemented. According to the Interface Description manuals, BOTH the M8P and F9P have UBS-TIM-TM2 timing messages for time mark results. To me, this means that the EXTINT pins should both function the same as the article you posted.

This should be a high priority for @proficnc to claim that the Here+ is just as good as the Emlid Reach.

(Christopher Milner) #45

Congratulations Kenny! That is really great. I think 2019 will be the year these projects explode - but you sure are a pioneer! I’m starting my own project this week. -Chris

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(Kenny Trussell) #46

Thanks, but I have Soooo many things to finish and make “permanent”. Will get it one day. It sure is a lot of fun and satisfaction. The help on this forum is amazing. I’m happy to be a part of it. If I can help you, ask away. I had a 2 hour Skype session with one person who is working on a mower project. It was a blast.

(Jade Logan) #47

Has there been an update on the HerePro using the F9P? Expected availability date? Size of the receiver? Size of the antenna?

(Pau G.) #48

Hi Jade,
I’ve recently tried Ardusimple with Pixhawk and it works really great. I recommend it for high accuracy surveys.

(Jade Logan) #49

Thanks Pau! I’m looking at that unit as well. I’m assuming the drivers, etc, all worked with the Ardusimple unit? Was it mostly plug and play to get it running?

(Pau G.) #50

Hi Jade,

Just plug&play for me.
I had Ublox m8n before with nmea.
Base + Rover + Ntrip server works awesome. Very fast and reliable.
Ntrip config is easy with ardusimple manual you can get on it’s website.

(Nathan E) #51

Do you have any evidence of accuracy? What kind of surveys? Any data to support your recommendation?

Will you please post your logs with the F9P.

(Pau G.) #52

Hi Nathan,

I visited Ardusimple Headquarter few days ago and we tried one of his prototypes with my USV.
My impressions were very good and I ordered one that will arrive on next weeks.
Will send you logs when I have them.
Meanwhile, You can see some examples on their website or even contact Josep for more info.

(David) #53

Hey Guys,

Like others I am interested in using the ublox f9 for PPK GEO tagging images. Trying to understand the best way to log data. Can I use the spark fun development board and simply plug an SD card reader into the usb port. Could I do the same thing with the Ardusimple board? Or do I have to use something like spark fun open log.

What is the best protocol to use to write the binary data to the SD card: SPI, I2C or UART?

Any guidance is appreciated.



(Christopher Milner) #54

Ardusimple is running a sale on their kits, 199€ plus shipping. Ugh I just bought one a few weeks back for 248€…

I have no connection to the company, just thought those on this thread might appreciate the heads up.

I’m using the ardusimple in a “Standalone + RTK Corrections” configuration. This means 1 Ardusimple board on my rover connected to Pixhawk4 and I am sourcing RTK corrections from a government NTRIP caster about 21km from me. Mission Planner connects to the correction source (an NTRIP caster), receives RTK corrections, and forwards them over the regular telemetry link to the Pixhawk, which in turn sends them to the Ardusimple. Worked first time out of the box. Accuracy is encouraging thus far; I hope to have specific measurements this week.


(Kikislater) #55

Looking forward to watch your tests

(David Merchant) #56

Tinkering with the F9P is very rewarding. SO much better accuracies, both horizontal and vertical, compared to any GPS I’ve ever tested over the years. Now, to get vendors to update their software use the new u-blox configs… Very impressed with this chip.

(Norimbo) #57

We need also update in arducopter firmware. This cm level accuracy can’t be used if you can’t set offset of camera. Camera is usually in different place than GPS.

(Josep Olivart) #58

Hello everyone,

By the end of July we will have full stock of simpleRTK2Blite units and we would like to prepare a “Pixhawk Starter Kit” consisting of:

  • 1xsimpleRTK2Blite
  • 1xGNSS multiband OEM antenna
  • 1xPixhawk cable set

We are currently testing the unit with a Pixhawk4 which uses JST-GH male-male 6 pin non-crossed cable.

We would like to offer a full set of cables so everyone can use its favorite autopilot.
Can you help us by listing the most typical connectors+pinout of other Pixhawk connectors?

Thanks a lot,

(Mirko Zhou) #59

Hi Josep,

I’m quite excited about this one. But when are we able to order this unit ?

(Mirko Zhou) #60

Hello everyone,

I have a question: I noticed that almost all the GPS hardware based on F9P do not have integrated compass. Then does it mean I need to connect another external compass with the Pixhawk ?

Best regards,