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Just built a can module, just for fun really, M8Q for ease of use, Leds, baro, mag and a built in buzzer with a spare uart for other devices… i’m going to try a tfmini on it.
Will give it a try after the lockdown thing is over…


That’s pretty awesome. Would be interested to see if you can get the rangefinder working

Funny, I just referenced this experimentation on th TF02 Blog, that was done using the BLUEPILL generic STM108 board

I saw your post and thought I would try the TFmini and let you know how I get on,

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I was chatting to Olliw some time ago, but once tridge added the code to Ardupilot I jumped in making a few devices, the cpu on this is a bit of an overkill as it has 1.5mb, on the other hand it won’t run out of memory, it should have been an f412 but I only had an f413 to hand.
I like the can stuff it makes total sense for external sensors.

Just reading your blog now…


Would be cool if you could add 2 or 3 UART ports to the module. It would be fantastic if you could run mavlink 2 protocol to those UARTs as well :slight_smile:

You can run a maximum of 3 on that size f413, to be honest there are a couple of things I’m kicking myself for, not putting an arming button it and not adding an extra usart like you said. But it’s a good test, I may change the design slightly now I know it’s all good.

Good design… hows the size of the board?

Hi dave, its 50mm diameter, which is fine for a little 330 size frame that i made, i havent been outside yet for a proper test as i’m trying to get a tfmini rangefinder working with it. But tomorrow i’ll pop it outside and see what the performance is like.


Tested tfmini_s and tfmini with latest pull from master both working, one on node and one on flight controller. Plan is to test both on node which i’ll do later on today.

Thanks @tridge

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Do you have a TF Mini plus to test with?

Hi Dave afraid not I bought a tfmini_s so I could test with i2c, so far have only tested with serial but it does work, the plus will work the same.
Which node are you using?

I have the MRO f303 nodes and with the 1.0 firmware I could never get a tfmini plus to work.

My new plus comes in tomorrow and I will try that with the new beta firmware

Your original plus will work now I would have thought, which flight controller ?

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