UAV Electric Propulsion System Survey

Greetings everyone,

We at Zubax Robotics research, design, and manufacture highly energy-efficient motor controllers and integrated drives for aerospace applications. One of our primary goals is to deliver better motor controllers for the UAV industry. To advance our research, we created a survey that will help us capture some of the needs of the industry.

The obtained data will be used to optimize our solutions for the current and future needs of the industry and help us alleviate one of the most significant issues of battery-powered UAV, limited endurance. Results of the survey will be shared via email with everyone interested.

Please fill out the survey at

Thank you!

Hi, couple of observations:

  • Battery: Lithium Polymer is not listed which is by far the most common, at least at the hobby/prosumer level
  • You’re asking what people currently have, which is a world away from what most people want to have. If you were asking what I want in an electric propulsion system, my answers would have been completely different!
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What people often mistakenly label as Lithium Polymer is, in fact, a special case of Lithium-ion battery. I’m going to add an explanatory note next to this question to avoid further confusion. Several people actually listed LiPo as “other” type of battery.

The objective of this poll is to understand the current state of the industry, not the desired state of it. It is understood that they may diverge significantly.

hope you don’t mind, I added your company logo at the top of the post. Blog posts are more attractive if they have a pic at the top I think.

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