Twitchy joystick control

Hey all! I’m experimenting with joystick control. I’ve tried a few different controllers out; a PS4 controller, and a generic USB controller. Both seem to make the copter twitchy with any RC commands. Everything seems properly set up in the planner. Am I missing something to get smooth control?

That’s the latency and update rates sent up to the aircraft doing that (it’s normal with common telemetry radios). Best to use joystick control only in semi-auto flight modes such as FBWA/B for fixed wings and alt hold/loiter for multirotors. That way, the autopilot is doing all the smoothing for you even though your inputs to it are not smooth at all. Hope that makes sense. I’ve been using USB joysticks to fly both multirotors and fixed wings for the past 4 years with success. No r/c receiver on board the aircraft at all. Just make sure you have GCS_Failsafe set up appropriately.

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So loiter is better than poshold as it isn’t using manual inputs. Thanks!

Correct, loiter will use your Waypoint Speed parameter to guide the aircraft and will only bank the aircraft what it needs to achieve that.