Turnigy 9X8CV2 to PPM encoder to Px4io

Does anyone know if it’s necessary to get a PPM encoder in order to connect to Turnigy 9X8CV2 Receiver and Px4 ? If yes , then which is gonna be the most suitable one ?

I cannot answer whether or not it is necessary.

In case it is, and in case you only need 8 (or less) channels, I have had repeated success with the PPM encoder linked here: How to Connect Turnigy receiver or Flysky R9b receiver to Pixhawk (Ppm encoder)?

I don’t know if you already figured it out. But yes, you need a PPM encoder for this receiver, because it outputs PWM signals for each channel.
However I am struggling with my own Turnigy 9X8C V2 receiver. Normally PWM outputs pulses between 1000-2000 micro seconds. Mine outputs 800-1600us. Does yours output different values?