Tuning for high wind flight

Hey everyone!

I am flying a X8 with large props (26" to 28" props depending on system), and I am having a hard time getting it to hold position in loiter in higher winds (20 to 25mph gusts or more)… We are at 55lb take off weight. Is there any thing I can tune or adjust to make this better?

**** The vehicle is ROCK solid in low wind!!! We are just having a hard time with the wind gusts

I am using these components:
Pixhawk 2.1
U8 T-motor
Alpha ESC
Lightware Rangefinder for altitude hold

Please let me know what parameters I can tune on to make this better!

  • Ryan

Missing quite a bit of info to answer this. To start, what is the tested top speed of the craft in calm winds with depleted battery at 55 lbs? What KV motor? Battery volts? Prop pitch?

Need a list of your current params.

What exactly is it doing in 20+ mph winds? Is it drifting away? (What exactly do you mean hard time holding position?) Do you have a video?

We are just trying to have it maintain position for station keeping.

100kv motors, 28x9.2 tmotor prop

Its drifting quite a bit in loiter, its just bouncing around a lot. It performs a lot better in the wind in stabilize with me trying to hold position… I don’t have any video, and its not windy today

  • Ryan

sounds like you just need to adjust LOIT_ACC_MAX higher… also try raising WPNAV_ACCEL

have you tried the Position Hold flight mode? isn’t loiter supposed to move around a bit?

I will try adjusting that parameter and position hold!