Trying to set up a RPlidar A2 for obstacle avoidance, I cannot find PRX_TYPE parameter in mission planner

Hello All,
I am configuring a rover for obstacle avoidance with the RPLidar A2, I am using rover 4.1.0 official on fmuv2 hardware (pixhawk) and Mission Planner 1.3.75 (lastest, I think).
I have the stupid problem that I cannot find PRX_TYPE or any PRX_* parameters in the full parameter list of Mission Planner. I guess that setting PRX_TYPE = 5 is still necessary, as configuring SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 11 (lidar360) does not specify a particular lidar model.

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Hello again, I’ll reply myself,
I have found this thread Rover-4.1.0-beta4 released for beta testing - #10 by andyp1per saying that PRX parameters were removed in 1MB boards. I have an original Pixhawk and somewhere read that has 2MB flash, so I thought that was not the problem. But I have read now elsewhere that only 1MB is “usable” in those fmuv2 boards, so clearly that solves the mistery.
I am wondering now if I can use the RPlidar A2 to do obstacle avoidance in my pixhawk, anyhow.
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UPDATE: the pixhawk can be flashed as fmuv3, problem solved! sorry for the post

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Great that you figured this out. I’ve also found that some older Pixhawks are running the “fmuv2” firmware which is 1MB limited but the board can actually run the newer Pixhawk1 firmware (or “fmuv3”) and the full 2MB of flash is available. In general it is better to use the “Pixhawk1” firmware rather than the “fmuv2” or “fmuv3” although in this case it won’t actually make a difference.

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