Trying to change MAVLINK message frequencies to QGC

Hey Guys,

Operating on PX4 Copter 3.5.7

I’m tryring to change mavlink message frequencies sent over usb. I need this for a project where I will later on connect a series of IMUs to determine wing-modes.

I tried setting the frequencies over “long MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL” and “DATA_STREAM”. I also tried to change frequencies in “ardupilot\modules\PX4Firmware\src\modules\mavlink\mavlink_main.cpp”, as the frequencies written in this file match the frequencies on the mavlin-inspector. But all I tried was to absolutely no avail at all.

Of course I did a clean recompile and flashed the px4.

Happy for any help! Thank you!

The messages “MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL” and “DATA_STREAM” are not implemented in ArduCopter.
Please use the SR1_* parameters instead.

Thank you for your help. In the course of my project I will likely implement my own mavlink message for the IMUs. Hence it would be very helpfull for me to understand why changing the frequencies in mavlink_main.cpp won’t change the output. Do you maybe know anything helpful concerning this?

If anybody ever wondered, why there are different SR* parameters:

SR1: OSD+Telemetry
SR2: SPort für Taranis

@amilcarlucas: FYI, SR0 Parameters where relevant for me.