Triple Redundant GPS With Pixhawk

Hi guys, just a simple question, is it possible to install 3 (three) Gps for redundancy purpose?? This is especially useful in area where GPS reception is bad, and this is to anticipate bad Gps signal condition condition. I not talking about Gps accuracy, but about Gps redundancy. Maybe one of ardupilot developer will answer this question… Thank you…

Good day, i didn’t test pixhawk with three gps modules but you can install the second gps on the serial port…(telemetry 1 or telemetry 2).
Better use the same model and factory of the module you previously installed

Thank you David for your comment. Yes I did install 2 gps already, and it is good. But I think about installing one more gps, so become 3 gps to increase redundancy.

You must test it first with 2 gps… in my opinion you don’t need add the 3rd module