Triple Redundant GPS With Pixhawk

Hi guys, just a simple question, is it possible to install 3 (three) Gps for redundancy purpose?? This is especially useful in area where GPS reception is bad, and this is to anticipate bad Gps signal condition condition. I not talking about Gps accuracy, but about Gps redundancy. Maybe one of ardupilot developer will answer this question… Thank you…

Good day, i didn’t test pixhawk with three gps modules but you can install the second gps on the serial port…(telemetry 1 or telemetry 2).
Better use the same model and factory of the module you previously installed

Thank you David for your comment. Yes I did install 2 gps already, and it is good. But I think about installing one more gps, so become 3 gps to increase redundancy.

You must test it first with 2 gps… in my opinion you don’t need add the 3rd module

Hello Tony, What did you do about the triple redundant?
did you succeed?

That is not possible with the current firmware. But code change for three should be trivial.