Trims change when enable joystick

When I enable the Logitech Pro 3d on mission planner my trims in roll and pitch change.How can I set the trims to be the same as rc transmitter?

have you calibrated the joystick in windows? that’s my guess

Thank you for your answer.
I did the calibration in windows and the problem is, that when I enable the joystick to MP the trims in the joystick table seem centered.But when I connect to pixhawk,through USB or telemetry trims in X,Y and Yaw change.
In the transmitter trims are centered and my heli hovers perfect but if I enable joystick, trims change,always in the same position making heli unstable.
Is there a way to change trims only to joystick trough MP?
Sorry for my bad English.