Trim Advice - Save trim on channel 6? Adv Params?


I am about to go out for my second flight, which hopefully wont end in a crash since i replaced an esc!

I have an APM 2.6 and a 6 channel remote. To start with, since I suck at flying, I think I would like to manually do some trimming.

I have read the page of the wiki on this so these questions are in addition to the content there.

Is there a way for me to use Save Trim on Channel 6 instead of 7? My receiver is communicating with ppm so i cant switch channel wires around. If I do use save trim, do i have to set the transmitter trims back to 0 after I believe it has saved?

For Adv Params in Mission Planner, could someone give me a sense of what values are appropriate and/or what a reasonable step up and down would be? Is it literally if I think the thing is leaning 4 degrees to right right i convert that to rads and then change the value by that much?

Any other good beginner advice not in the wiki?


I also have a follow up question. I took my first two flights and the copter seems to slide a little to the right while flying in stabilize mode, but when i switch to alt hold it stays in play very impressible.

Does this mean I should try to save trims to correct the roll to the right or might something else be going on?

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Oh wow thanks, I wondered why no one would answer me!

Also i checked and actually when I thought it was in Altitude Hold it was actually in Loiter, so i think that explains why it wasnt affected by the slight roll.

Can I auto-trim in loiter? it does such a great job at keeping it steady!