Triggering with DO_SET_SERVO


I configured my drone with the new Herelink HD
I set the camera press button of the herelink as the channel 8
I set the channel 8 as camera trigger in the Pixhawk Cube parameters.
As the payload work as relay trigger, it is connected on AUX5 of the Pixhawk AUX rail

So, when i trigger the herelink camera button, the payload react correctly and trigger like it should.
But in auto mission we discovered that the drone miss some of the triggers. We ear that DO_SET_SERVO option in Mission planner could correct this missed triggers.

We tried to activate DO_SET_SERVO (+ set it like following : servo :8 / low PWM 1100 /High PWM : 1900), but unfortunately, with this option activated, the trigger doesn’t works anymore.

Does it need another specific config to works properly ?