Trigger an arducam camera connected to Raspberry Pi during planned mission

Hello, everyone. I’m quite new to all this DIY drones community. I built my first quadcopter using Readytosky’s Pixhawk 2.4.8 and the Copter V4.1.5 firmware and I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a companion computer and I wish to take photos with an Arducam camera connected to the RPi through commands on the flight plan tab at specific waypoints during an autonomous mission. Which tools do I need to do set up the camera on the raspberry pi and perform this task?

I’m aware of dronekit-python and MAVproxy, but I don’t see much activity regarding how to use them and I’ve been reading the official documentation to see if this is possible and I’m having a hard time to know where to start.

Hi am lookin for the same solution, my goal is to capture high resolution geotaged images using pixhawk + respberry pi 4 + arducam 16mp autofocus camera. It should be abble to capture geotagged images autonomusly in while completing a mission.
please let me know if there is a lead/hint/soution.
Thank you.