Tridge,Randy and Devs an idea that I think would help newbie's with VTOL and ardupilot in general

Hi Tridge,Randy and fellow developers,with the recent arrival of the Jumper Xiate 800and the HeeWing VTOL both excellent craft and make the initial step into VTOL fairly easy and encompass so much of what “Ardupilot” is about,Copter,Plane and Mission Planner how about a mini serious on building and setting these up,I think it would appeal to a lot of modelers and my final tuppence worth is maybe Allister would be great person to lead this forward.

I have the Heewing VTOL and hopefully will have the jumper one very soon,as an old guy I get to fly a plane,copter and do missions I am genuinely in cloud 9 with these contraptions P/S please dont shoot me for this idea


You may wanna check this thread about VTOLS. This is the oldest thread covering a wide variety topics and issues and resolutions around VTOLS.

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I have my Vtol flying reasonably well,I just think it wold be good to have a sticky on how to set ardupilot up as there is now to very affordable Vtol kits available and insure more will follow

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I can agree to that.

I took a year break from Ardu pilot but in the mean time working on 7ft wing span commercial grade VTOL.

I am planning to start a new thread when I am ready to share some knowledge. It’s a fairly expensive plane so on the side I also developed a cheaper version.

VTOLs can be tricky…but we will see.

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