Tricopter tilt rotor using only tail motor

Hi guys, first post here.

I’m thinking of building a tricopter but for FW flight i’d like to use the tail motor. This would mean 1 of 2 options:

Option 1: A servo for yaw and a servo for tilt on the tail motor, or
Option 2: all 3 motors tilt, with the front two controlling yaw. and tail for FW flight.

Would option 1 be possible with the current code? if so, what would the Q_Tilt_Mask be? I can;t seem to understand that parameter.


could you post a picture of what you’re trying to do?

Hello Tridge,

i believe, Manta wants to build a tri - tiltroter like our “mozart”, but only the rear motor is tilted for forward thrust and the twin front rotors are only able to tilt a little bit to control (vectored) yaw.

Walter and me have a similar idea with one tractor motor in front of the frame and 2 rotors behind on the sides only for hover lift and vectored yaw, but stopped while plane-flying-modes.

Regarsds Rolf

ok, thanks Rolf.
I don’t think this will work with the current code, but it should be possible with some changes.
I can’t work on it right now though - I’ve got a few too many projects I’m doing already :slight_smile:

@tridge @Rolf tanks guys.

That’s basically what I intended to build.
As having two props for forward flight is less than efficient in battery usage.

I’ll leave it to the good guys and gals in the community to decide if this is a priority or not.


I’m sorry, I guess I’m a bit stubborn, that’s why we’re in this hobby.

I’m assuming that it’s possible to have just the tail motor used for forward flight in a tri right? If so, what’s the tilt_mask for that? I really don’t understand this bit mask parameter.

Will fix yaw with something else.


@tridge anything on this?