Tricopter tail servo at 50Hz and motors at 400Hz - possible?

Hi,trying to setup my first tricopter with arducopter 4.0.7, but have problems to make tail servo to work. Analog servo is only buzzing and not working so I suppose it’s getting 400Hz refresh rate from the output, but I don’t want to go with ESC refresh down up to 50Hz.
I use Omnibus F4V3 FC with only 6 outputs, I’m not sure whether it has independent output groups I could adjust individually and how exactly. Is there any way out of this?
My board description says, that it has two output groups 1/2/6, 3/4/5. Is it what can help me if I put motors to one group and servo to the other? How to set each group to different refresh rate?
Thanks for advice, I don’t have experience with this :frowning:

just to refresh that I still searching the solution but so far I didn’t find it :frowning: .
I’m afraid it’s not possible on my hardware and I’ll have to go back to iNAV.
Really no ideas from anyone?

Should be able to do this via the bheli mask and override params. Set the pwm type to normal pwm and override just the motors to dshot/oneshot/whatever.