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TriCoper in pusher configuration

This is my first post on the Community forum. I am excited to start my journey in the ArduPilot world!

I would like to know if the Copter 3.6 can be used in an inverted-Y TriCopter + Tilrotor mode in pusher configuration? The intent is to have servos on all three motors - front motor participating in yaw management and the rear motor transition between hover and push-propulsion mode for high-speed flight. Is this even possible using current Copter 3.6 code-base? Or does it require heavy modifications?

Thanks in advance.

I do know if that is possible. But I do know that you should use ArduCopter >= 4.0.5

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Thanks @amilcarlucas. Just trying to understand your statement - you do think its possble? But only with ArduCopter>=4.0.5? I was concerned about stabilization in the inverted-Y configuration. From the documentation I could not find any specific reference to this type of configuration - everything on TriCopter mentions that standard forward-facing Y configuration.

I intend to use BeagleBone Blue - so will I require modification to ArduCopter>=4.0.5 for the servos to improve stability? I am not looking for acro mode - but simple low-speed flights. I recently started with ArduPilot - so I know its going to be an uphill task learning everything.

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