TRAXXAS MAXX ArduRover PID Tuning Help

Hello All,

This is my first attempt with ArduRover. I need help with tuning the car, as in a Auto Mode mission, will not stay in line with the mission profile on the legs and the turns. I’m running the following:

  • Pixhawk 2.1
  • RFD900
  • Immersion RC Receiver
  • 4S Lipo Battery

I have the car completely set-up. When I put the car in a Auto Mission, it will not stay on the line and it will overshoot the turns dramatically. My goal is to have this car tuned to follow the mission plan accurately, and turn sharply without any overshoot. I know there are steering rate, speed to throttle, and navigation tunes ( for auto mission). I mainly want to focus on straight lines, and more importantly, not overshooting the turns. I completely wiped the parameter list as I wanted a fresh start. I wanted to know if someone could help me understand the FF- P-I-D tune relationships, and how to adjust them to make this car as accurate as possible. I cannot upload the parameter list at this time, but will appreciate any help to understand how to tune cars.

@rmackay9 @tridge @Michael_Oborne

First just follow the Rover Tuning Wiki. I had a Rover like that and it’s aIl I had to do to get good performance and Mission Tracking. Good luck with a fast vehicle. I sold that one and built the next from a Crawler Chassis with great success.

Hello @dkemxr,

Thank you for the comment. I was following the tuning guide for everything, but was not having luck with it staying tight in its turns. I’m not using it for its maximum speed, but am trying to make it as accurate as possible. Do you have any suggestions for your tune? Would you be willing to compare?

Hi Todd-I don’t have that vehicle any longer and the Crawler would not be a good comparison. They both used a PixRacer. I did find one Parameter file for the Basher with a file name of “Rover base” so I’ll compare it to Rover default and see if it’s actually at a tuned level. Hold on…

That parameter file is mostly default so it won’t do you any good. Attached is the parameter file for my Crawler based Rover. Not sure of the value but you can review it and see. I will say that both of these vehicles were easy to tune.

Redcat Rover Pixracer (4.6 KB)