Trajectory Driven ArduPlane Aerobatics

Coming soon! Matthew Hampsey, Tridge and I have been working on a new implementation of ArduPlane Aerobatics - which is trajectory driven - so the aircraft navigates during aerobatic maneuvers - which allows for very precise maneuvers and minimal effect from wind, etc

Our early efforts (not trajectory driven) are [documented here] (Arduplane autonomous aerobatics)

We hope to soon have this all-new quaternion-based approach incorporated into master - and in a week or so will have some SITL videos followed by flights on various models. We think you will really enjoy what this can do!


Hi @andyp, looking good. By the way, I added a picture at the top to make this blog appear prettier on Hope that’s OK… of course feel free to replace it with another picture if you like.

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A quick teaser… This picture does not look very interesting - just a rectangular circuit… but actually on close inspection the model is in knife edge flight for the circuit - and navigating the whole time… so wind correcting, etc :slight_smile: and just as simply the model could be rolling for the whole circuit… interesting and exciting stuff!


Not quite ready for prime time… but heading in the right direction!

Here is a half cuban eight, a cuban eight, and three inside loops :slight_smile: All trajectory driven - constant velocity, wind corrected…





Today we had valuable input from Paul Riseborough - thank you Paul!

We are now thinking about #6 :slight_smile:

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80% on our way to a new aerobatics trajectory controller :slight_smile:

Red is desired path, green is actual path flown…


Out in real life :slight_smile: An example of a R/C Scale Schedule flown autonomously (find the barrel roll!) and the NZ Clubman Aerobatics Schedule… using my old Galactik 2m F3A model… I think it is working rather well :slight_smile:


Long awaited. Can’t wait to see the final solution. Great work guys!!!