Trajectory Driven ArduPlane Aerobatics

Coming soon! Matthew Hampsey, Tridge and I have been working on a new implementation of ArduPlane Aerobatics - which is trajectory driven - so the aircraft navigates during aerobatic maneuvers - which allows for very precise maneuvers and minimal effect from wind, etc

Our early efforts (not trajectory driven) are [documented here] (Arduplane autonomous aerobatics)

We hope to soon have this all-new quaternion-based approach incorporated into master - and in a week or so will have some SITL videos followed by flights on various models. We think you will really enjoy what this can do!


Hi @andyp, looking good. By the way, I added a picture at the top to make this blog appear prettier on Hope that’s OK… of course feel free to replace it with another picture if you like.

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A quick teaser… This picture does not look very interesting - just a rectangular circuit… but actually on close inspection the model is in knife edge flight for the circuit - and navigating the whole time… so wind correcting, etc :slight_smile: and just as simply the model could be rolling for the whole circuit… interesting and exciting stuff!