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Arduplane autonomous aerobatics

I had an interesting chat to Tridge today about adding autonomous aerobatic capability to Arduplane.

The ability to perform autonomous aerobatic maneuvers has been discussed before, but with the advent of lua scripts and reasonably priced 2mb flight control boards it would seem this is now within reach.

This wont happen overnight, but Tridge hopes to start developing the infrastructure required for us to start scripting autonomous aerobatic maneuvers into our flights. What does a geometrically perfect loop look like from the ground? Hopefully we will soon know! I am looking forward to helping with this development!


Thanks for starting this effort! I’m really looking forward to it

If you want to see (nearly) perfect aerobatic maneuvers logged with ArduPilot, check out some of the logs that FlightCoach users (expert RC pattern pilots) have generated.
There are a couple of screen captures on the FlightCoach home page:
And there’s a new blog post here describing the motivation: Flight Coach - using ArduPilot .bin files as an interesting way of viewing aerobatic flights

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