Tower App and flying a fixed wing airplane

I would like to use the Tower app to create and upload missions in a fixed wing airplane.

I have used Tower for autonomous flights with my Solo, but never with a plane.

I find it cumbersome to take my laptop to the field and use Mission Planner. I also don’t have an internet connection at the field for my laptop and can’t get a map of the location where I may be flying on any given day. My tablet has data plane and is more portable.

Are there special considerationa I need to worry about when using Tower on a plane? For example, I don’t plan to append a Takeoff to the Mission, and I’m hesitate to append RTL to a mission.

I have been able to connect the Tower app via USB to my pixhawk and I seem to be able to upload a Mission.

I don’t intend to try and fly the plane using the Tower app, I just want to use Tower to create and upload Missions.

Comments, suggestions would be appreciated.