To which pin whould I connect RCInput on a F4BY FMU?

I get the Schematics of F4BY board and want to integrate it into my project.
By looking at the document here here, I can’t actually figure out which pin should I connect the RCInput to on the schematics.

EDIT: I don’t think that document about RCInput connection is referring the same F4BY to the schematics I got.

Threr should be 2 inverters according to the Copter F4BY document, one for SBUS and another for FRSKY_TELEM. But I only see one:

In hwdef file, I see USART6 has something to do with RCInput. So if I want to input SBUS to F4BY, I add an inverter on USART6_Rx, then connect SBUS to USART6_Rx. Is this correct?

It make sense to me to just connect my receiver’s SBUS output to USART6_Rx.
But should I add an inverter? The schematics above don’t have one.

The input pin of SBus shall be: PC7
You don’t need to add an inverter to this pin.

also USART6_RX for serial RC

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