To control a plane with jet engine

I need Arduplane to control a jet plane,it’s speed will be more than 250KM/H(Conventional fixed wing).
And I want to use the AUTO mode to fly a Specific line,can it keep well(height/speed)?
Do anyone know Arduplane can work well or not?

yes, quite a few people have flown jets like this. It takes a lot of attention to detail in the setup a tuning for it to work well. It is very satisfying when you do get it tuned well however.
Have you flown other slower fixed wing aircraft with ArduPilot? If not then start with something simpler.

Yes, I flew a jet last week called MB339 with CUAV V5+.I tried RTL/FBWA/AUTO mode and It turns out that the flight control is very stable.I just need to adjust the PID parameters to make the response more accurate.Automatic route flight accuracy need to be improved.

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if you post a log I might be able to offer some suggestions on tuning

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You can download it here

What hardware did you used man?

Hi, can u repost your log file again if that is possible, because the website gives the file is removed error.