To connect servo motor to pixhawk 2.4.8 using mission planner

I am a biginer to pixhawk and quadcopter. I want to connect servo to pixhawk , i am not sure how to connect using mission planner. i am using flysky fs-i6s transmitter, i want to control my servo motor through my rc transmitter.
need help

You can refer to this article - Servo — Copter documentation

Also, you can refer to this video - Servo Control/Channel Forwarding in ArduPilot - YouTube

I have seen the documentation and tried to do the same, but it didn’t work. i may missed some steps that I may not aware of, so need a detailed steps to understand better

Thank you.

I have found solution to my problem , thank you for the help

Hello Guruprasad_Guru, what version have you used mission planner for pixhawk 2.4.8?
I wish you to reply me.