TMotor Datalink v2 telemetry support?

Are there any updates for TMotor Datalink2 telemetry support? That fancy silver box doesn’t seem good for much lol.

It is supported in ArduCopter 4.5.0-beta1 and later. It is a lua script applet, and documented in:

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That’s awesome! Thanks!

As I understand if this telemetry is used there is possibility to create much better notch filters and reduce vibration ?

Yes, that is correct. And once you have that follow:

when will release the 4.5 official version?

the tmotor datalink v2 wil works?

@PVR2022 there is no release date yet, it will be released when it is ready.

Yes, it does work fine right now.

I just set everything up for rpm telemetry, but have a question. Given an external lua script and the datalink2 hardware, is the monitoring fast enough for an rpm based filter? With 8 motors (42 pole), are there considerations in the rpm based filer settings to keep in mind? Thanks!

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I would be interested in the answer to this too as Lua Script rate scheduling limitations has come up in another context.

So in what respect does it “work fine”?

in the official version of copter 4.5 it will be mandatory use a lua script to make works the tmotor datalink module to read esc telemetry??

Yes, that is correct. You need lua scripting enabled, and that requires an F7 or H7 processor.

The first three times I armed and spun up the motors, all esc’s reported correct rpms except number 6. It just sat at about 180. If I dropped the rpm’s to zero and quickly spun up, 6 would show around 800 and then back to 180. The next few times arming, number 6 is correct. Strange.