Tips/suggestions for connecting a RC car to pixhawk

Hello Everybody,

I’m trying to turn this RC car i bought into an autonomous vehicle using pixhawk, I wanted to see if anybody can give me tips/suggestions on whats the best path for the connections with the motor/esc and the receiver

The RC has a circuit board already in it with the plug-ins, so i thought maybe i can just unplug in from there and plug it into the pixhawk board but they don’t fit , so kind of stuck now on whats the next best approach .

if anybody has suggestions, tips , and/or recommend videos , i would gratefully appreciate it !


a little bit more information is always a good thing.
Pictures for example.
Make and model of the RC car would also help
Reading through (more than once)

will help you to get a feel for what you need to do/learn.

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Its a huffy ride on 12 v monster truck, model number is 19088, i also included a picture of the circuit system it currently has , the vehicle has 3 motors, one for the steering and one for throttle

An All In One controller like that vehicle has will make it a hassle to use as a platform for a rover. Strip it all out and add an ESC for the drive motor. When you say it has a “motor” for steering do you mean a servo?

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it may be a servo but it does not look like the typical servo that I am accustomed too , what esc would you recommend ?

And even though its a hassle , is it still possible make it function with pixhawk?

Any ESC that accepts a PWM signal will work;.brushed or brushless makes no difference from the Flight Controller only the type of ESC chosen. If you want to buy a Roboclaw buy a Roboclaw but this cheap brushed ESC will work fine too if the voltage and current are sufficient


Hey I have another question, first thank you, you have been helping me a lot with a lot questions I have posted on here .

So i ordered the esc you have suggested but I ran into a problem with the receiver of the vehicle , to where its not what i thought it was and now it seems that the receiver is actually built into the controller. Do you have a suggestion on how to combat this issue ?
and Thanks again

You really need another RC system anyway as you want at least 4 channels for Ardurover. Buy a Transmitter and receiver.

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