Tiltrotor Quad VTOL, Q_ Modes Issues

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to say that this is a great community, seeing so many people that is willing to help others. I have an entry in the “Tiltrotor support for plane #2” post but wanted to also post it here.
Now with my issues: Me and my friends are trying to build a QuadPlane Tilt-Rotor with all rotors tilting.We were able to tilt the rotors when the plane is switched from MANUAL or FBWA to QSTABILIZE. We have everyting set but we have one major issue:

When in MANUAL mode everything is looking good. I can see from the “Servo Output” tab, the throttle I’m giving and Pixhawk responds accordingly. BUT when we switch to “QSTABILIZE” mode we can’t see any output to throttle or any output for that matter whatsoever. And from what I understand in QSTABILIZE mode the VTOL should act like a Quadcopter, which means the control surfaces should not move , BUT they do for some reason; only the rudder remains stationary.

I have set the ARMING_REQUIRE to 0 in order to arm the vehicle since not all the calibration is done. I’ve checked the wiring again and again which seems fine. Radio calibration is alson working fine. Since I can not give any output to the motors I can’t do the ESC calibration with Q_ESC_CAL =1.

I really hope you guys can help out. I am including some attachments below with a picture of the VTOL.

Have a great day, thanks!

paramsT.param (16.5 KB)

there is a bug with ARMING_REQUIRE 0

try normal rudder arming

Hey Peter,

Yes, I did that right before you replied the post. Instead of using ARMING_REQUIRE = 0, I set the ARMING_CHECK=0. Then I did the RUDDER_ARMING = 2 and did rudder arming by holding the rudder stick right for a few seconds and then the Q_ modes started working fine.

Thanks for your reply!

Have a nice day!

I see thats an old post but can i ask if you used x quad or h quad configuration in multirotor mode? We also try to perform transitions with a similar frame but having yaw issues during transition.