Tilting arms to help with yaw

There was a post somewhere with advice on tilting motors to help on yaw. I have been looking for it since yesterday but i can’t find it. I would like to tilt motors 1-2° to help on yaw since my copter never really had sharp yaw.
If anyone can find the thread or have any experience on yaw motor tilt please advice.


Have you got a .bin log to check and a detailed description please?
We might be able to fix the yaw issue.

My yaw works good just wanted to give motor tilting a shot. Designing a new frame and wanted to implement it. If i recall Leonard adviced on having motor yaw tilt.

Finally found it. I paste it here for reference and for anyone who would like to test it.

It looks like 3° in the direction that would increase the resulting yaw torque are a pretty good starting point for medium/big copters.

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“Twisting arms” would be a better way of phrasing it. Tilt makes me think of lifting up the end of the arms :slight_smile:
You can clearly see the required configuration in the article on SUAS News

what required confuguration?

the motors on the photo are tilted in a similar configuration you are looking at doing is all.

The paper linked above is a bit deeper in explanation. The pic is a bit misleading since the motors don’t need to be facing up and down.

Sorry to have phrased it in a bad way, not native english :slight_smile:

Not at all - I was just saying my way of thinking of this motor configuration.