Tilted prop H frame running 3.6


I’m putting together a quadcopter “H” frame with the motors tilted 24deg forward. The idea is to limit the downward force and drag on the frame when in forward flight. The front landing gear struts are naturally long as the frame sits 24deg nose up on the ground. The Cube is mounted in the frame, so it also 24deg nose up.

After reading the Wiki and looking at the parameters, I see that changing the params to reflect this orientation is available. My problem is implementing it.

I first leveled the Cube on the bench and installed it. Connected back up to MP and the attitude shows 24deg nose up.
The parameter adjustments are:

AHRS_ORIENTATION = 100 (custom)

After these changes, MP says to “re-level” the FC after a reboot for them to take effect.

The “re-level” is part of my confusion. Do I re-level with the Cube physically level or re-level with the frame on the bench(Cube 24deg nose up)?

After trying each method, I’m not seeing (in the MP attitude indication) that either adjust the attitude to level - meaning I expect to see a level horizon in MP when the frame is sitting on the bench. Or maybe the attitude indication isn’t supposed to change(pitch +24), even though the Cube now knows “level” is with the frame 24deg nose up.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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