Tilt Servos failing frequently?

Advice from another forum suggests motor tilt mechanisms with servos are very unreliable and fail frequently.
Can anyone relate their experiences, good or bad please?

I don’t recognized the model in your image. Is this a DIY Skyhunter conversion or another product? Are you asking if a tilt-rotor mechanism in general is a non-robust idea? Please clarify.

The model is my design that Im hoping to build. I have heard from many people on a FB VTOL group who have bad experiences of tilt servos failing. Even 25kg/cm over-spec quality ones stripping gears etc. I was hoping to get an opinion on this group from people who can confirm this, or who have been using a system like this without problems.
Was wanting a discussion of good and ‘avoid’ servos.

I have several tilt-rotor designs and have never seen them fail. Typically, we have other issues with the plane servos failing but not the tilt-rotor servos.

You can check out the rather long and old Nimbus Tricopter VTOL thread for a design (both DIY and purchased from FoxTech FPV) that has been working for years.

Good luck!

I also wonder if there is a different level of stress between those servos that do the vectored yaw and therefore must move fast under load, and those that just raise and lower the motor in a smooth motion?