Tilt Quad, servo on pwm 5, 6

Hi. I’m currently building a tilt copter. Is it possible to add a servo to the quad copter setup on an omnibus f4 or f7 pwm 5 or 6 ?

The Matek F405 has 6 outputs, that should do it. I don’t see a firmware target for the OmniNXT F7. Kakute F7 also has 6 outputs and is supported.

I can’t get servo’s moving on Matek F405 when I select RC-funktion " RC passthrough". Does pwm 5+6 support servo signals or just motors ?

I don’t have one of these boards but a suggestion. What is your BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter set to? Or instead of “RCPassThru” try “RCINx” for the channel you are controlling from.

Pwm_count is set to 6

Odd because the hwdef file for the Matek F405 (F405-OSD) show as follows:
# 8 PWM available by default

Omnibus F4 default is 6
is PWM5+6 supporting servo output ?