Based on this link I wanted to set 3d thrust vector via pymavlink

But I get error

But what’s most interesting in file *pymavlink/dialects/v20/ line 12067

return self._pack(mav, self.crc_extra, self.unpacker.pack(self.time_boot_ms, self.q[0], self.q[1], self.q[2], self.q[3], self.body_roll_rate, self.body_pitch_rate, self.body_yaw_rate, self.thrust, self.target_system, self.target_component, self.type_mask), force_mavlink1=force_mavlink1)

does not imply thrust_body

Are you using ArduCopter 4.3.7 or 4.4.0-beta2?

I guess 4.3.7
how can i check the version? QGC does not have this AUTOPILOT_VERSION

I installed from this link
on my ubuntu 22 a month ago

UPD: Arducopter version is
Screenshot from 2023-06-07 12-29-17

Very good, that is the best version.
I hope someone can answer the question.

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