Throttle up but magfield down


As shown below picture, whenever throttle up, the magfield goes down.

Is there anybody who can explain this situation?

P.S : I attached low ESR capacitor to power module.

Is this during a flight or were you holding it on the ground/bench?

I should have put altitude data ^^;
She was flying !~

Then this is really weird! I don’t think I can explain it…

If it was standing still, then the vector sum of the Earth magnetic field + the motor’s magnetic field could very well cancel out.
But if this was during an interval with changing direction…

Perhaps you are in an area with a very large inclination of the magnetic field?

this is not unusual at all. The magnetic field is a 3D vector. Let’s assume you are in the northern hemisphere. You will have a strong positive Z component to the field. If the current from the power system adds a negative Z component (due to wires below the compass), then the length of the total field will drop.
Try plotting the individual components, not the total field length.
Cheers, Tridge

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Thanks Tridge,

But this is my first experience. Why never ever before but this time even with same plane? ^^;