Throttle Response Issue on Arming with Matek H743-WLite and EMAX 20A ESC Setup


After completing the mandatory basic setup and calibrations (radio, ESC, accelerometer, compass) for my quad setup (Matek H743-WLite FC, EMAX 20A ESCs, 2600mAh battery, 360kv motors with 16” props, FS-iA6B receiver), I’ve encountered an issue on the first arm.

As per documentation, the motors begin to spin at a slow speed upon arming, which is expected. However, they do not respond to throttle inputs beyond this initial slow spin. Adjustments within the 2-10% throttle range yield some motor speed changes, but beyond this, throttle inputs do not affect motor speed as they should, severely limiting any flight capability.

Has anyone faced a similar situation or can offer insights into addressing this PWM signal interpretation issue between the ESCs and flight controller?

Appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Thank you

How exactly are you testing?

There is a new methodic way to configure and tune the vehicle using intermediate parameter files. It also explains how to test the motors in a valid way.

Thank you for your suggestion. Could you provide more details on where I can find these parameter files and the guidelines for this new tuning process?
Also, I’d appreciate any further explanation on the recommended method to test the motors effectively. I want to ensure I’m following the best practices to diagnose and resolve my current issue.

First answer the question about how you are testing. Many make the mistake that anything significant can be learned spinning motors on the bench with the transmitter.

Thank you for the insight. I’m indeed testing indoors on a table, focusing on basic motor response to throttle. I appreciate guidance on more effective testing methods beyond bench tests to better diagnose the issue.

That will tell you nothing. Use Mission Planners Motor Test to test motors and confirm that the motor order and direction are correct.

The tuning guide is a Blog post here on the forum.

It also explains that the method you used to test the motors is invalid, and that you shouldn’t use it.

Read it, download the zip file. Edit the param files and use them.

If something is not clear, ask in the other thread

This, I have already mentioned. The motors are all set up and spinning correctly. The only issue is with the speed, I cant get it over 15%. In the motor test window the speed changes between 6-15% but stays the same between 15-100%.

Sorry, which thread?


But read it first. Carefully! And then ask if there are questions left.

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