Throttle not responding

Hi, I am building rover that uses steering servo and brushed motor, FC is Matek f405se. Steering works normally but in the mission planner ”servo output” tab nothing is happening in throttle(always in middle) and if ESC is powered motor always spins. In radio calibration tab throttle is moving.

ESC is Hobbywing Quicrun 1060

Motor is some random toy brushed motor(for testing)

ESC is in output 3

Throttle uses radio channel 3 SERVO3_FUNCTION = 70 (Throttle)

MOT_PWM_TYPE = 4 (Brushed BiPolar)

If there is someone who can help I would be very grateful for advices :slight_smile:


I guess you got the information in the docs wrong. A RC car ESC like the Quicrun expects an RC PWM signal, so the MOT_PWM_TYPE Parameter has to be set to “Normal”.