Throttle not responding (After installation Hereflow)

I intend to use a Hereflow on the drone for indoor flights on metal structures. I did the automatic calibration of the Flow_F and got great results so I started to start the tests. (Congratulations to the developers! This feature helped me a lot, since I didn’t get good results calibrating manually).

On the first test flight in FlowHold the drone held the position very well. So I followed with the final tweaks of the Wiki changing the parameters of EK3_SRC…

After changing the parameters, I went to make a new flight in FlowHold and AltHold and I found a problem. The drone is no longer responding to the Throttle to raise altitude, it only responds to take off, but then slowly loses altitude and crashes into the ground.

Notice in this graph below that I keep Throttle at 100% and the drone does not gain altitude.

The position is maintained by HereFlow.

Before and after taking off I also get some EKF messages: IMU0 stopped aiding, but I don’t see any influence on the flight.


Don’t worry about the crash messages in the log, I was doing the tests in a grassy area and the drone has a globe around it that doesn’t allow the propellers to touch the ground or another object, so it would just turn up and try to take off again.

I did a new test with the new version of Copter 4.3.4 and I no longer receive the IMU messages, but I still have no response from Throttle.

New log:

I solved the problem by disabling the hereflow rangefinder. To solve the problem I had to compare all the parameters by Excel to identify what was different in the log of when the engines responded to Throttle.

Interestingly, it was not on the first post configuration flight of the rangefinder that the Throttle stopped responding, but after the second flight, that is, the problem did not appear to be in the rangefinder.

I believe the Ardupilot team should invest this problem as it should work perfectly with the enabled rangefinder. I add the @rmackay9 for knowledge.

With Rangefinder off I also get good results flying in Flowhold, the only thing that is now bothering me is the recurring IMU stopped aiding messages.

In this first graph you notice that I keep Throttle at 100% and we have no variation in altitude of the aircraft.

Link this log:

In the second graph the aircraft responds perfectly to Throttle. Note that we have no information from Rangefinder, because it was disabled.

Link this log:

Finally, I am sharing the information to if someone is going through the same problem know how to solve.