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Can anyone advice me about “Throttle” can Copter 4.x manual control throttle for T-rex700 Gas engine conversion , I try to setting throttle in RC channel 3 but when I make “Armed” try to move CH-3 to control throttle but result to effect on pitch servo (3 servos group of pitch) while throttle not any move please.

The throttle is controlled by the servo assigned the heliRSC function.

Thanks you @bnsgeyer Yes., I assigned in heliRSC but I can’t manual control via RC please , can and how to setting please?

I’m assuming you want to use the ArduCopter built-in throttle curve and governor to maintain constant rotor speed? Generally you don’t want to control the engine throttle from the RC controller because if RC receiver loses connection with the transmitter, then the autopilot takes control of the heli and could cause the engine to stop if your RC failsafe is not properly configured. I recommend that you use the built-in throttle curve and governor. You could go without the governor and just use the throttle curve. In either case the throttle curve must be tuned to provide constant rotor speed throughout the collective range. The set up of the rotor speed controller (RSC) is here. if you want to use the governor then read this as well.

Thanks @bnsgeyer , Yes use throttle curve , but for ground engine testing I need to control throttle via my throttle stick on RC , How and can set it please?

Use the RSC with RSC Mode set to throttle curve. set throttle curve from your idle setting to 100%. You’ll use the collective to change the throttle setting just like it is designed to do for flight except you are just setting a linear curve

This also need “Armed” to move throttle or not please.

Yes, you’ll need to arm the aircraft. if you are bench testing and have no intent for flight (blades off) then your can disable arming checks. That way you don’t have to have the gps locked in or any of that stuff. you just have to remember to turn the arming checks back on before you go out to fly.

@bnsgeyer thanks you , I will try to set please

How to disable arming checks in QGC please?

@bnsgeyer Follow your instruction , Calibrate all sensors make it “Armed” changed “Throttle output idle” to 100 (By force) but can’t move any mm of servo to drive throttle by throttle stick on RC , but also same throttle stick always drive only 3 servos group of pitch adjustable please.

There is one last step after arming before you can move the throttle servo with the collective stick. It is called motor interlock. You must set an RC channel for the motor interlock function and use a switch on your transmitter to operate it. It must be low when you arm and then switch it to the high position to enable the a throttle servo to move.

How to set RC channel for motor interlock please?

It should already be defaulted to channel 8. Read here about the rc channel settings. You can see the current function settings for your setup in the Radio tab in the vehicle setup page of QGC. Channel 8 should say motor interlock.

@bnsgeyer Thanks you for your kind answers

Wow!!! , Now I can control my throttle manually , thanks you @bnsgeyer very much

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Continue query please , after I can control throttle manually , I had found pitch’s servo (3 servos work in same way) still (Always) move while throttle moved by throttle stick forced , I think using “throttle curve” to control “Rotor speed”. My idea when I make first flight , when I start gas engine and armed , take off , throttle and pitch will step to 25% right? but how to know which curve to suitable to take off please , can you let me know how to find the best curve or how to observe.
Or Are any way to make zero pitch until engine make rotor’s speed to more rpm then make more angle’s pitch to take off please.

@Zicroff_Inventor these are more basic questions that don’t deal with the flight controller. Since you are asking them, I am assuming you have little experience with flying RC.helicopters. I would suggest you research setting up a helicopter like yours. The manual for your helicopter should also have some information or a manual of a similar size heli with a gas engine. I only fly electric so I wouldn’t be able to help you with this.

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Thanks you @bnsgeyer

@bnsgeyer Hi bill , after armed and un-interlock by ch-8 switch , I found throttle servo move to 25% (about , while throttle stick still lowest) which parameters to set throttle’s servo to still 0% or idle please.