Throttle issues using Mateksys F405 V2

I’m trying to configure my plane on mission planner but having some throttle issues. I’m using a flysky transmitter that is calibrated normally in mission planner as well as a generic ESC that has also been independently calibrated through pwm signals (just using transmitter and reciever, don’t know if that would suffice or not). The problem is when connecting to mission planner. If I put the throttle up, the motor goes up but stops right before the maximum so for example if the throttle on my transmitter is raised to maximum 1900 pwm, the motor goes until 1700 pwm then stops. If I increase the max limit in mission planner and take the throttle on my transmitter to 2200, the motor goes to 2000 then stops. What can be the issue and how can I fix it? (The throttle stick has some wiggle room at the top where the motor is not on… once I take the stick a little down, it starts up again).

@wicked1 I saw in a different post you had the exact same problem where you had deadband at the top of your throttle stick. Have you ever figured out the reason or fix?


In general, keep the channels in the standard 1000-2000 range and follow


There is a nice video for it

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I don’t remember exactly…
But I think I had to adjust the end points in my transmitter config.

The standard 1000-2000 then calibrate, wouldn’t fix it. So, I think I did that, then decreased the end in the transmitter config until it was OK.

(I wonder how much has changed since 2016ish when I was last ‘in to’ all this? I hope to have time to find out soon!)

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In which flight mode are you observing this? In MANUAL mode you should be able to have a direct passthrough of the throttle signal.

In other modes, THR_MAX will limit your upper range.