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"Throttle Failsafe Off" msg randomly appear

I am running omnibus f4pro on V4.0.3. I have this message popped up during cruise in auto mode twice already, on two different plane and two different radio system. I am not running any telemetry nor groundstation. The only failsafe I have enabled is Throttle failsafe for loss RC link.

There were no other messages prior to, or after, this message appeared. Everything seemed to be working fine and I still had full control. No failsafe event was triggered. On the contrary, I was worried about failsafe not triggering in the event of actual RC link loss, so I turned back. On the way back, I turned off the transmitter just to see if “throttle failsafe off” is really off. Nope, still had the “Flight mode =11”, then when I turned the trasmitter back on, I got “Failsafe. Long event off: reason=3”. So at the end of the day, everything seemed to be working okay. Should I be worried or not. Is this message a false alarm?

Got this message again today when flying high overhead. Like before, absolutely no anomaly prior to and after this message. No RC link loss and everything is working fine. Several minutes later, I got an actual RC link loss. Here are the messages:

Flight mode = 1, CIRC (~3 sec)
Flight mode = 11, RTL (~5 sec)
Throttle Failsafe OFF (~1/10 sec)
Failsafe. Long Event Off: Reason=3 (~10sec)

Why is throttle failsafe working if it is really off ? Secondly, why does the message “Throttle Failsafe OFF” appear very briefly during an actual failsafe event ?

I’m seeing the same thing…

Ever figure out why?

I don’t know if this helps, but I’ve had issues when the throttle failsafe value was too close to the low throttle PWM value. The failsafe value was still lower than the low throttle value, and it never appeared to dip below, but I was getting failsafe warnings. I lowered the throttle failsafe value an extra 5 or 8us and the problem went away. Just make sure you test your failsafes again if this works.

Thanks for the help!

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