Throttle failsafe off 1574?

can anyone help me about the above code 1574???

You need to provide a bit more detail for someone to be able to come to any conclusion as to your problem.

Where are you seeing this error message?
What version of firmware are you using?
What flight controller are you using?
What do you do to generate this error?

And any other information that you think will help someone reproduce your error.

I had a mini talon with pixhawk and arduplane V3.7.
I made a 15km trip and back.
during auto mission (8 km away)this error appeared in mission planner.
i dont know the reason for such a message.
thats what i am looking for…
when in RTL my bird stalled ,spinout and booooommmm

RIP mini talon.

Can you post a log file from the flight controller so we may see what happened?
A log file is essential for anyone to be able to see what was going on.