Throttle FailSafe / Can't Control the Motors

Guys, I’m basically new to this. I am using PixHawk 2.4.8 FC and a 10 CH FlySky FS-ia10 Transmitter and Receiver. After long hours of struggle, I am currently at the ESC calibration stage. The calibration was successful. I got the throttle down, and when I slightly pulled up, the motors would spin. All is fine until this point.

  1. Now, I am not able to arm the copter. If I arm through the buttons, I am getting a PreArm: Check FS_THR_VALUE. When my throttle is down, the minimum value it goes to is 1000, but my FS _THR Value is 950. I change it to 910, 1100. I am getting the same issue. I even changed the Radio under FailSafe to Disabled, but then I got another error, PreArm: Throttle is too high.

Can anyone please help me here? I can see documentation asking us to set the FS_THR value below the value obtained when TX is on and above the value obtained when TX is off. How do I get the TX off values? I’m really confused.

P.S.: My Radio Transmitter sticks always goes to the normal position, doesn’t hold at the extremes.

Just turn the TX power off.

Hi, I recalibrated several times and then changed my FS THR value to 910. Now the quadcopter gets armed when I pull the throttle to bottom right. The motor starts spinning…but after 5 seconds the battery failsafe turns on. I don’t know whats happening.

I get the following in Mission Planner

5/13/2024 12:31:02 PM : PreArm: Battery failsafe
5/13/2024 12:31:02 PM : PreArm: Battery failsafe on
5/13/2024 12:31:01 PM : Battery 1 is low 9.42V used 11 mAh

Can you help with this?

Battery Config: 11.1V 2200mAh 35C 3S1P Bonka Lipo Battery

Video Link: 20240513_123443.mp4 - Google Drive

Charge the battery with a good battery charger

I see you missed the memo:
Hardware to avoid.

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