Throttle doesnt move in ServoOutput

I´m totally new to Ardupilot, Im building a hacked hoverboard rover (the PCB to controll 2 motors). With one wire you control skid steering and other cable throttle. So I used Groundsteering and Throttle function. The steering works but throttle function doesnt move even if throttle moves in Radio Calibration. What could be the problem?

Arm the autopilot to get throttle output.

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I have set Arming_require = 0 and Brd_safetyenable = 0, do you need to arm it and if so how?

For future reference as you work thru your Rover project:
Google “ardurover arming”. The top selection will be the Wiki entry. Read the section about switch arming which is what most people use for Rovers.

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I got it to work when plugged into USB to FC and pressing Arm/dissarm as said in the article, but I cant do this when connected via telemetry radio, the software stops working and says “no response from MAV”