Throttle delay when arming for take off

Hi, i have a frsky qx7 with a x8r receiver. When I arm the drone for test (without the props) there is a 1 sec delay on the throttle in loiter mode . But when I go into ‘compass /motor calibration’ everything is fine. Does someone have an idea?(I am scared of flying the first time with such delay, maybe it is normal just for the take off?)
Thank you

No worries, it is fine.

Flight modes can NOT be tested without props. The results are meaningless to test a closed loop control system in an open loop manner.

You you can, should and must test is the correct motor order and rotation.

I tested with props too but the latency is so high I don’t event bother to take off

If the motor order is correct, and the propeller correction is correct, and you performed the Tuning Process Instructions — Copter documentation then you should fly.

Ignore the latency, the latency of a closed loop system operating as open loop is mostly meaningless.

Do you understand what a closed loop control system is?

No I don’t know what a closed loop system is but I know that if for exemple I put 20% throttle for 1 sec, the motors will spins for 2 sec so it might be even more than latency
Oddly in the motor test tab everything is fine and I don’t see any latency

If you do not know what a closed control loop, then you just need to trust me and all the other control theory engineers in the world. The test you are doing is meaningless, and the results are invalid and false.

We have this discussion multiple times per week, with newbies. And they always end up learning something :slight_smile:

I trust you. I’m not an expert but I can tell that a 1 sec delay with extra trust time applied is not normal.